Get up.

Sometimes when I am feeling down, I watch an arsenal of youtube clips that I have saved up for inspiration. Tonight I watched this one. A few times. I think I’ve watched it about a million times. It still gives me all the feels.
I just love everything about it. I love the moment when the crowd realizes what they are seeing. I love it when the third place runner realizes that she is running as hot damn fast as she can, and she’s going to get passed.
I love it that just as Heather is starting her sprint, and starting to pull ahead of the pack, she falls. Just when she thought– I got this— she falls.
But I love the most the split second after she falls down, when she gets back up and takes off. No hesitation. Not even a second to pound the ground with her fist before she heaves herself back up and launches into a sprint. Split second decision making. Get up.
All of the runners in this race have years of training. They are all talented runners. They all have their own very important reasons for running. And when she fell, they probably thought that this was the perfect combination of skill and luck. But that’s not what Heather thought. Heather fell down and, while her face was still in the pavement, she thought, “No. This is not how today is going to end.”
Whatever is pulling you down this week– don’t let it keep you down. Get up. And run like hell.

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